our mission: To promote the healthy development of children, families, and individuals through counseling, mentoring and support programs.

OUR VISION: We envision resilient communities that achieve healthy outcomes through affordable behavioral services. We are an inclusive supportive ally to anyone in crisis.

Drop In Center-

Thank you for having a safe place for youth and families. with the services, I have grown into a better person. The Drop in Center has great staff and healthy environment. With out a safe place, I would probably be hanging out with other people or have different life, because growing up as a child for me was tough. Thank you for a safe place!!

​Trevor Corbett

Drop in Center-

I love the fact that I can come here and get help with life, socialize with friends and skateboard. It has a very friendly atmosphere  and you can get food if you're hungry or struggling at home. It is a very helpful and friendly place.